A blockchain enabled database service.

ProvenDB bridges the gap between database and blockchain. It combines a high-performance MongoDB compatible database service with blockchain attributes of immutability, data provenance, and provability.

What is ProvenDB

ProvenDB layers on top of a standard database engine adding core blockchain characteristics. The resulting database respects all usual database “CRUD” operations but also leverages the blockchain to provide an immutable, tamper-proof history of the data stored within the database.

ProvenDB can generate proofs for a database version or single document. Although only the hash for a complete version is anchored on the blockchain, ProvenDB can supply a Merkle tree path which provides cryptographic proof that a given document was included within the blockchain hash. This way, users can obtain proofs for individual documents that can be validated without the need to access any other documents within the database.

ProvenDB presents a MongoDB compatible API to the database user. Every change to the database creates a new logical version within the backend database. The user can view these older versions at any time. The database user requests a proof be placed on the blockchain for a specific version. The version can be used to prove the timestamp of the entire version or any document in that version.

How it Works

Information stored on the public blockchain is immutable - it cannot be changed or deleted. By storing cryptographic signatures of the contents of your document on the blockchain, we can prove that the document existed at a specific time and that you uploaded it. This proof is mathematically indisputable and is increasingly recognised in legislation in court.

Only the cryptographic signature hash is stored on the public blockchain and cannot be used to view your document contents. Your document is stored securely in the ProvenDB database and cannot be seen by anyone without your permission.

You can share any document with its blockchain proof if you want to assert document ownership or timestamp. You can also publish a document, and it’s proof publicly to declare your ownership or timestamp to the world.

ProvenDB bridges the gap

ProvenDB bridges the gap between a fully functional database service and a blockchain integration.
A fully functional database service
MongoDB compatible Normal throughput and latency Rich query and database operations Strong privacy
bridges-the-gap-1 bridges-the-gap-2
Blockchain integration
Versioning of data Immutability of past versions Tamper detection Point in time history Complete data provenance

Benefits of using ProvenDB

Here is a look at some of the benefits of using ProvenDB

Blockchain Proven

Data in ProvenDB is anchored to the public Bitcoin blockchain. The existence and provenance of the data are cryptographically proven and tamper proof. This makes ProvenDB an excellent choice for applications that store legally significant data such as accounting systems, intellectual property solutions and similar.

Immutable Versions

Older versions of data can be maintained indefinitely. You can view older versions of the database and track the changes to database items. However, unlike the blockchain, data can be “forgotten” to comply with Right to be Forgotten regulations, and unedited versions can be “compacted” to save space and cost.

Economic and Performant

Storing small amounts of data on the public blockchain is expensive. ProvenDB storage costs are similar to a standard database and keeps the data in a conventional data store. Blockchains support a handful of transactions per second. ProvenDB can process transactions and submit proofs to the blockchain at database speeds.


Blockchain programming is complex and esoteric. ProvenDB is compatible with the developer-friendly MongoDB database, allowing developers to develop blockchain enabled applications easily or to blockchain enable existing applications.

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ProvenDB is designed by Southbank Software. Southbank Software aims to deliver useful, secure, and cost-effective solutions. Our team is united for their passion for JavaScript, Blockchain, Cloud, GoLang and MongoDB. We love building ProvenDB and hope you’ll enjoy using it.

Southbank Software is a Melbourne based software development company funded by investment firm Toba Capital. Toba Capital was founded in 2012 by Vinny Smith and is committed to helping create incredible technology companies.

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