Key Features and Benefits

Proof of your document’s provenance are stored on an immutable public Blockchain. These proofs are independent
of any third party.

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By adding your unique ProvenDB email address into the DocuSign workflow, your Blockchain proofs will be automatically generated when all parties have signed.

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ProvenDB for DocuSign creates Blockchain-based proofs attesting to the origin date and contents of your DocuSign envelopes. These proofs are independent of the DocuSign or ProvenDB companies - they can be used to prove the integrity of your envelops without requiring attestation from a third party.

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There is no need to trade in Cryptocurrencies. Add Blockchain proofs to your DocuSign documents for as little as $25/month for unlimited documents.

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How ProvenDB For DocuSign Works

Step 1


Add your unique ProvenDB email address as a “Receives a Copy” recipient in your DocuSign email routing list.

Step 2


When all participants have signed, ProvenDB will store a digital signature (“hash”) of your document on an immutable, unhackable, public Blockchain.

Step 3


You’ll receive a digital proof in your email that includes the cryptographic proof for the document. You can also view the proof on the ProvenDB for DocuSign dashboard.

Step 4


The digital proof can be used to prove the signing date and contents of your document. This proof is independent of any third party and represents incontrovertible proof of date and document contents.

Explainer Video

Watch our promotional ProvenDB and Proofable explainer video.

What Documents Go Into
ProvenDB For DocuSign?

Legal Document Icon
Legal Agreements, Contracts, Applications and Consents
Stocks Icon
Financial, Stock Purchase and Note Subscription Agreements
Share Icon
Board and Shareholder Agreements and Consents
Employment Document Icon
Employment Contracts, Performance Reviews and Dismissals
Construction Icon
Construction, Contractor and Engineering Contracts, Agreements and Approvals

Home Document Icon
Real Estate Contracts, Agreements, Amendments, Disclosures, Policies and Deeds

Car Document Icon
Insurance Policies, Applications, Documentation and Claims

Notes Icon
Any important paperwork that requires a signature - Insurance, Property, Construction, Legal, Finance


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