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Key features and benefits

Compliance-critical data and documents are secured using our proven Blockchain-powered solution.

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Avoid large costs and development time building a custom solution, use ours today!

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Cryptographic certificates confirming data ownership, date of origin, integrity, and complete history of document alterations.

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Monitor the integrity of your data and detect any attempt at tampering or falsification.

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How Compliance Vault works

Step 1


Documents are uploaded to the Vault, directly from apps, file systems, or forwarded via emails.

Step 2


Digital signatures of the documents are created and stored on an immutable, unhackable public Blockchain.

Step 3


ProvenDB Compliance Vault continually monitors the integrity of the data to detect any attempts at tampering or falsification.

Step 4


You have the proof that your compliance data will satisfy the most rigorous compliance audit.

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What documents go into
Compliance Vault?

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Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing records

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Know Your Customer (KYC) documents

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Board minutes and resolutions

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Receipts, invoices, and other documents supporting tax claims

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Credit Reporting Privacy disclosures and activities
Notes Icon
Contracts, applications, and all materials that form a basis of financial credit assessments
Time Icon
Timesheets and employment records
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Professional certifications

Introducing you to ProvenDB

ProvenDB is a trustable data security and database management solution that prevents undetected tampering and manipulation of databases, data, and documents.


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