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Prevent costly cyber threats

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  • Privileged insiders are capable of accessing and tampering with data in even the most secure systems.

  • Outsiders may compromise insider credentials without their knowledge through malware or other exploits.

  • In 72% of cases, incident response professionals encountered destruction of logs to conceal security incidents.


Key features and benefits

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Create Secure and Tamper-resistant Systems

Build highly secure and tamper-resistant systems. Eliminate undetected tampering or falsification of your data.

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Continuous Monitoring of Data Integrity

Continually monitors the integrity of your data to detect any tampering or falsification attempts.

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Secure Access Logs and Access Control Records

Eliminate tampering or falsification of access logs and access control records. Any attempt to manipulate logs or records by an attacker can be quickly identified.

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Detect Any Attempts to Manipulate or Destroy Data

Attackers cannot go undetected during data manipulation or destruction attempts. This includes attempts to “cover the tracks” of an intrusion.

Getting started with
ProvenDB Secure Database

Secure your data and documentation with our cloud or on-premise solution. Please fill out our form below to help us understand your business needs. We will help you develop a custom solution.

How Secure Database works

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When information is added to Secure Database, digital signatures are created and stored on an immutable, unhackable public Blockchain.

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These signatures can prove the integrity, ownership, and creation date of your data. Data is securely encrypted with an enterprise MongoDB data store.

Step 3


ProvenDB Secure Database continually monitors the integrity of the data to detect any tampering or falsification attempts.

Step 4


Data within the Database is completely trustworthy and immune from undetected tampering.

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Introducing you to ProvenDB

ProvenDB is a trustable data security and database management solution that prevents undetected tampering and manipulation of databases, data, and documents.


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